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April 23, 2011

What to tweet and when: Twitter for an organization. Part 2

There are times my Twitter stream is afire with interesting and re-tweetable information. Other times, not much grabs me. Maybe it's me, maybe it's a slow news day. Whatever the case, when I’m tweeting for me, it’s not a big deal. When I’m tweeting for an organization, it matters.

Conversation is something not everyone does well and not even the best at it are good 100% of the time. On Twitter, it's no different. For my account, if I got nothing to say, I tweet nothing. But tweeting for NERCOMP presents a challenge - I need to keep the conversation going. Fortunately, there is a plenty to choose from when selecting tweets for those days when there doesn’t seem to be much to tweet about.

1. Events: NERCOMP hosts events all year round. The annual event in March and dozens of SIG (special interest group) events plus board of director meetings, committee functions and assorted member gatherings. Lisa DiMauro keeps us posted on what is happening through the member email list. It is real easy to add these events to Twitter and they can be tweeted more then once- such as when registration first opens, a few weeks later, and then just before the event. Calls for events, such as the annual conference, are good, too.

2. Organization news: Organizations with boards and committees have regular meetings, announcements and news to share. Tweets can be crafted from meeting minutes, organizations updates such as committee elections and board nominations. I generally wait until the big news items hit the org’s website, then not only do I know I am sharing information that is already public, I can add a link to the site so readers can get more info beyond the 100+ character note.

3. Member updates: Following members’ Twitter accounts is helpful. Keep an eye on what member institutions are doing and RT some of their events and announcements. Celebrate their good news and add to the community and conversation building.

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