In the beginning there was grad school. That ended in 2010. Now what do I blog about?


January 09, 2011

Goals for 2011

Setting goals for 2010 early in the year was helpful as I reported in the fall. I hadn't given much thought to setting goals for 2011 until I caught Sarah Stewart's 'What are your goals for 2011?' post last week.

Like Sarah, time management is an issue for me; it always is. I find myself working many more hours than required. And because my work is in technology, I find myself spending far too much time around computers and the internet. I used to have 'tech-free Sundays' but that sort of fizzled after a bit, and I'm not even sure when it ended. I think having at least 2 completely tech-free Sundays would be a good goal. I'll have to reconcile that with the iPod Touch I got for Christmas because, dammit, that thing is addictive as hell.

Professionally, I need to get a paper finished. I started working on a paper detailing the development and launch of the Lois Green Learning Community, a Ning network for medical professionals in palliative care and hospice medicine. I need to focus on that for the first half of the year and try to have something for submission by late spring. That point will mark the time when I when can begin taking classes again, although I've not yet decided what course of study will I pursue. However, I do know that I will take classes as soon as my tuition assistance benefit kicks in.

Socially, I plan to continue to involve myself in the Worcester Bloggers scene. There are a decent amount of people who blog about the city, its citizens and politicians, and the variety of community activities happening. Although Worcester is not my primary interest, the people who blog about it are. What interests me are the processes, applications and results of efforts. It's inspiring to be around people who don't get paid to do what they do, are not professional journalists, but who are regarded as significant members of the community. In that group are a handful of higher ed professionals so its great to talk with them in a more casual setting about interests aside from building web pages, developing social media strategies, and working with faculty.

Personally, I will continue working on some sort of health and fitness regimen. Hiking, walking, disc golf, gardening were all good last year. I can still do more. Maybe that will come into play with the tech-free Sundays. I'm toying with the idea of climbing Mt Wachusett once a month throughout the year. Before I commit to that fully (although I sort of did by writing it here) I need to find out how many months the trails are open for hikers. If anyone knows, please pass along the info.