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September 30, 2010

SlideShare: Publish your presentation graphics online

What is SlideShare?

View carrisaari's profile on slideshare is a free online service that allows you to publish your presentation graphics (ie PowerPoint, Keynote) online. You can create a profile, upload presentations and associated documents, and share them publicly or privately with other SlideShare users. Your presentations can then be searched for, accessed, viewed, rated, tagged, saved, and shared by many other people. You can use SlideShare as a means to archive your presentations then include them in your website, blog or other social media profile, such as LinkedIn, to demonstrate your expertise. You can search for and find other users' presentations to view and share.

Why would I want to do that?

SlideShare is a social media tool. What that means is is a place where you can find other people with similar interests (social) and see what they are creating (media). If you want to either learn about the wine industry or medical simulation, odds are you can find presentations about that subject on Finding those topics on SlideShare means you can connect with people who are interested in that subject, just like you. Reviewing their content can either inform you of something new and lead you to other resources, or remind you of your own expertise and perhaps compel you to share your knowledge via SlideShare.

By contributing your slides you demonstrate your expertise and allow other people to learn from you. Does this mean you should create brand new slides just for SlideShare? You could, but most users don't. Most users upload their slides after they have given a presentation or series of lectures. It's a way to share the slides with people who attended your lecture or seminar AND share them with people who were unable to attend.

What are the risks?

To avoid negative effects of sharing your slides publicly: Publish under your own name. Don't publish someone else's slides - publish only your own work. Practice copyright adherence in all that you create. Double-check all materials prior to publishing on SlideShare. Do not - ever! - publish confidential material. Do not publish company or institution information (ie internal information).

View my SlideShare!

After you have started an account and published a slideset or two, share it! Let people know that you published something so they can check it out. If it is a lecture you present at a national conference, email a link to your colleagues. If it is a slideset from a seminar you led, let the attendees know they can review the material online. If you create a tutorial on cooking with wine, let your friends and family know.

You can view my SlideShare profile here:, or check out this slideset on Plagiarism in Academic Medicine which I created for a graduate school course:

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September 10, 2010

Plans for 2010: UPDATE

In January, I posted my Plans for 2010. Today I stumbled upon that post while searching for another post. I figured it was a good time to reflect to see what goals I have hit, and redirect as necessary to hit those I have missed.

Getting physical
In January I was bored with the treadmill routine and vowed to be more active outdoors. I started walking to the park down the street (2.3 miles) in the spring, then began the garden installations after graduation. Once the gardens were established I began weekend hiking trips with a gal pal - we've hit Mount Wachusett, Purgatory Chasm and Moore State Park as well as covered the 6 mi rail trail numerous times.

Gadgets & toys
Got a MacBookPro at work, just in time to learn Mac stuff in order to lend assistance to faculty who are now teaching the incoming class of med students who were required to have a laptop for class, and who chose Macs (>90% of the class of 2014).

The battery is dead on my personal laptop so I picked up a netbook on Woot! as a travel unit. Just in time for fall conference season! Woot, indeed.

Never did get the camper I longed for in January, but I did get to camp out in the tent a few times at Nickerson State Park in Brewster.

Social interaction
Disc golf has been fun and social. Also my weekend hikes with a friend have been social. I have hit a few more events, clubs and house parties than in recent years. Been a bit more social at work, too.

Professional development
In January, HEWEB2010 was a definite on my list. However, it's not going to happen. I submitted proposals to two national medical education conferences and was accepted for both. They happen to fall just before and just after HEWEB so traveling to a 3rd conf in October just isn't going to happen, even though HEWEB is the coolest high ed conf on the planet. Attending is just as important as presenting, so I will be hitting the #140conf in Boston in September as well as a regional seminar series sponsored by the university system that employs me. I have also requested admission to a Sloan-C mini-course on social networks for learning which runs during the fall semester this year.

I have pretty much eliminated the idea of a PhD or EdD. I would be more likely to get a second master's at this point or a CAGS. I'm still not sure which route I want to take - instructional design and technology, content management and marketing, or teaching and research. I don't feel pressure to decide. When it's right, I'll know it.

Goal setting, for work
The social media seminar series was great. I worked with the campus library team and developed a 4-part seminar series which was well received, well attended and well evaluated. Over the summer we began developing sessions for both the fall and spring terms this academic year. However, I lost the library co-sponsorship and since then I have been floundering, not sure I can commit to manage it all on my own. I'm not surprised that I put it aside - in January I actually predicted there not being 'room for growth' in academic medicine, and by that I meant academic medicine is not supportive of the new technologies I am ready to explore. I wondered then, in my January post, if I could commit to 3-5 years here, an optimistic prediction that in that time, the university would awaken to the concepts of social media and mobile technologies and incorporate them into their academic and business practices. I find that I can't hold my breath and wait that 3-5 years, and even if I did, it would be naive of me to think they would choose me to lead the efforts. There are other opportunities out there - I would be a fool to ignore them.

Goal setting, for home
I have done a great deal on the home front. Installed an 8x16' raised garden and have grown cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, beans and peas. Have installed more flower beds and have grown perennials both from seeds and from starter plants I've gathered from friends. I built a 2-bin compost unit. We installed a new mailbox, a gift for my hub from his daughter on Father's Day, and added some garden mums around it. Never did get to the shrubs, but then there are still a few weeks to do that before frost season begins.

How did you do on your goals this year?