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December 17, 2010

What happens when you change your Twitter name?

The transition to a new job continues
  • I have handed off tasks at work.
  • I have had farewell parties and luncheons.
  • I have cleaned out my filing cabinets, removed wall postings and given away plants.
  • What's left to do is tidy up online connections (web links on department sites that drop email in my inbox) and update my profiles with a temp email until I get settled at my new edu.

My Twitter name is @carrie_at_umass. I need to change it! (Read: /2010/12/new-job-means-new-twitter-name.html) What's going to happen when I do? If you have changed your Twitter name, please let me know what happened, if anything, and what you learned. If there is something I need to do to prep my followers I'd like to get it done.

Leave your words of wisdom in the comments. Thanks!


Jane Bozarth said...
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Jane Bozarth said...

Carrie, I changed one of my accounts to more accurately reflect title of my new book (change to "SoMe4Trainers"). Nothing else happened to the account -- my followers, following, lists, etc were not affected. All that happens is name appears differently. Would advise you keep the same avatar and continue to use Carrie as first part of your new handle so it will still look familiar in your follower's feeds. @Aspieteacher also changed her name so you might want to check with her.


@carrie_at_umass said...

Thanks, Jane!

robinteractive said...

At one point I decided to change my Twitter name from @rob_s_college to @robinteractive for various reasons.

As Jane mentioned, Twitter makes it easy, and your followers, etc., stay intact. Sticking with your same avatar for a while will help people continue to realize that you are you.

To be on the safe side, I tweeted the name change three times over three days after I made the name change, something like:

"Changed my username, formerly rob_s_college. (Notice 2 of 3.)"

Important! After you make the Twitter name change, be sure to create a Twitter account with your old username. When I changed my Twitter name, the old name was immediately available for anyone to claim. This might still be true.

I tweeted this on my reclaimed account with my old username to point any future visitors in the right direction:

"Changed my screen name. It is now @robinteractive Go to to follow me :)"

Good luck with the transition!

@carrie_at_umass said...

Rob - You hit on a very important point - that your old name might be available. Some folks may not care, but a school or org or business certainly would (or should) care.

Great tips!