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December 20, 2010

New Twitter name options

I'm one of those people who never thinks of the right thing to say when I need to say it. The best comment, one liner, zinger or conclusion seems to hit me after the fact. This makes choosing a new Twitter name difficult.

So far, this is all I have come up with:
  • @justcarriejo: carriejo is my nickname; but someone already has it in Tw, hence the 'just'
  • @IDCarrie: because my field is instructional technology/instructional design; and my new title is instructional designer
  • @clsaarinen: my first and middle initial and last name; same as my Linkedin account
  • @carrie_at_brown: OK, the cat is out of the bag; I am going to work at Brown University in Providence Rhode Island
You can vote in the poll or add other suggestions in the comments or tweet me. Your ideas are welcome!

I know there is a perfect name but I probably won't think of it until after I have updated everything, or even worse, it will strike me a month from now. I predict a #facepalm.


Karl Hakkarainen said...

Close call between IDCarrie and clsaarinen, with a slight preference toward your name. Identifying your work is good, but the tie-in with LinkedIn seems stronger. I would avoid using your workplace unless you are tweeting professionally for them.

@carrie_at_umass said...

Thanks Karl!

The vote for @clsaarinen is a vote for Finns, too, eh?