In the beginning there was grad school. That ended in 2010. Now what do I blog about?


May 23, 2010

with highest honors

May 20, 2010

It was a beautiful summer-like day. After the 1.5 hour drive, Hub and I stopped for lunch at a harborside restaurant before heading to campus. The ceremony was just for the graduate schools so the audience was fairly small although there were hundreds of graduates. The auditorium was overly warm and everyone was wishing the event had been scheduled outside. People were restless through the commencement address given by Sara-Lightfoot Lawrence whose speech was unnecessarily depressing, a litany of the atrocities committed by the human race in the last 60 years, from racism, to genocide to 'priests raping our children'. Not ceremonious, nor inspiring. Finally the graduates were called forth to receive their degrees. After we filed outside to find...nothing. Budget cuts eliminated the traditional champagne toast and chocolate covered strawberries. Hub and I left and headed for the brewery where we had a feast and cooled off in the AC before driving home.

The next day I completely crashed. I was wiped out - physically and emotionally drained from the last 2.5 years of hard work and study and the final weeks of anxiety and elation.

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