In the beginning there was grad school. That ended in 2010. Now what do I blog about?


May 18, 2010

Graduation is the day after tomorrow

And I haven't got a thing to write about!

Been busting hump on finishing the graduate assistantship project that has plagued me, er, that I have been working on since last fall.

Been busting out ideas for continuing the social media seminar series in the fall. I actually have enough material to do a semester long course so if any of you higher ed peeps out there need a PT or temp faculty, let me know!

Oh, and I have gotten in a few rounds of disc golf, so that's a good thing, too. And I have seedlings growing in the back yard. My 2nd attempt at getting some blooming perennials into the yard; last years seedlings did not take. And its been warm enough and not raining in the evenings so I get to walk outside after dinner. Nice.

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