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April 14, 2010

Overdue for a blog post

The run down, real quick as there are just 13 minutes left until I need to get ready for work.

1. The social media seminar series I launched at work is going great. Good turnout for all sessions. I am learning a great deal about teaching - real teaching. I have so work to do to master the skills - staying on time, on topic during the course of a 1.5 lecture is a challenge for me. I can talk web stuff for hours so I get carried away. We have one session left and then I have 2 goals: 1) secure funding to continue the series next year and 2) leverage the experience to land a PT teaching gig at a college somewhere.

2. Home is good. Have done some yard work since we had a few weeks of unseasonably warm weather. Feels so good to be outside in the sunshine everything smells good and looks good and the birdies are chirping. Love this time of year. I remembered to put up the little green wire fence around the garden this year so no one (deer, rabbit, woodchuck) has eaten my daffodils and tulips. I have yet to increase my physical activity (one of my goals for 2010) but walk 3mi/day, 5 days/week. I have friends training to do a 5k walk and I realized that I do a 5k 5/days a week. I definitely need to move up to something more challenging. Hub is doing OK; still out of work, but OK. We are counting down days until we head to the beach for a week. This year our 1st summer vacation week falls shortly after graduation so I am extra doubly excited.

3. GRADUATION! May 20th I am officially done school and have earned a master's degree in education. I have been diligent with my ePortfolio. I have made progress on my research project. I am feeling good energized and completely fulfilled. I am just happy. I have a boatload of work to do between now and then. An MD at work the other mentioned Steven Covey's Important/Urgent metric while we discussed prioritizing web updates for his division site. So I printed it out and have it taped to the monitors at home and at work. I need it right now as I finish up my two semester long research project. Maybe after grad school that last item in the 4th quadrant won't seem so impossible.

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