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March 09, 2010

Sometimes people say exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it

Here's a snippet from a conversation I had with a faculty member today. Note, this conversation was a text-message conversation. She is the only faculty member who I converse with this way. I think it is useful, powerful and easy to do - we actually get a lot of stuff done via text-chat.

We were talking about adding Twitter or Polleverywhere or something like that to an upcoming 1/2 day student event. We were talking about the faculty involved and their level of tech. We talked about the event and what the agenda is looking like so far. Then we talked about the audience and where they are at right now (med students have it rough, this group of students in particular). This is the summary of our text chat late this afternoon as I started to wrap things up and get ready to hit the treadmill.

I had had a difficult morning having to 'go there' with a colleague. I felt stressed, emotional and pinned down most of the day because of that morning encounter. Having an intelligent, productive conversation with this faculty helped to shake off that 'icky' feeling from this morning, but what she said in closing really made me smile. Sometimes people say exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it. My treadmill won't get such a beating now.

me: don't like the ads. don't see a mobile app for it. never mind... : (
might work for the (project) though, if we ever needed an online chat room.

suzanakm: yup.. might work there... :)

me: At any rate, could talk more about the (student event) and adding a tech piece to it. But i dare repeat: know your audience. They are tired (student group), at this stage in the AY most of 'em are just wanting to get their rotations over with and move into 4th year and start applying for residency. If you can engage them somehow so the day is fun that's good, but the fun should support the learning objective first & foremost.

suzanakm: ok.. That makes sense. Keep it simple, focus on the learning objectives, pick tech that can enhance and avoid that which can distract - and don't overuse. Does that summarize it?

me: you got it, suzanakm!

suzanakm: btw - EVERYONE loves you at UMMS!

me: LOL....thanks. i needed to hear that today.

suzanakm: all I need to say is "Ca..." and I am interrupted with fabulous, positive words and sentences about you. I ask, You are speaking of (carrie@umass), aren't you? They nod enthusiastically. :)

me: LOL... : )

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