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March 17, 2010

eportfolios, part 2

Me to colleague on sister campus, via our campus technology Google Group:

Neither (grad school) nor (work) had an eportfolio platform. (Work) was promised eportfolios via Blackboard years ago (I'm sure you remember) but it never came to fruition. So, on my own, I started exploring tools with RCampus and Epsilen. Epsilen won out because of cleaner appearance and simpler UI. Note - I have web dev background so it was easy to figure out modules and folder structures, adding files and managing links - a 'normal person' might be stumped without formal training in either environment.

Flash FWD 2.5 years and now it's time to finalize my eportfolio for submission. Most students in my grad program submit a CD-R with files on it. Boring! And hello, this is a teaching w/technology program - let's use web resources, people! I return to Epsilen to start updating. I see changes such as there are more templates to personalize it, but it's still not robust enough for my liking. It's online storage, essentially. So I am considering building an eportfolio in a wiki, so I can create pages and embed my slidedecks from SlideShare and my tutorials from YouTube. Neat, hunh?

But then I learn from a member of my PLN that her grad school rejected her online eportfolio because it was too complicated. So she had to go back to standard document files on a CD-R. She was disappointed and annoyed, as you can imagine, because what she built was dynamic and engaging - the panel simply didn't bother to take a few minutes to explore; they obviously just wanted a list of files they could check off. So this makes me take into consideration people who will be viewing my eportfolio. I like building and I may be able to use it in the future, so a wiki portfolio would be cool. And maybe I'll put it all on a CD-R, just in case.



Sarah Stewart said...

Just wanted to say two things.

1. The problem with my eportfolio format is I have to upload documents somewhere before I can then hook them into my eportfolio - this is a nuisance. I think in the future I would use a Google tool which allows direct uploading.

2. My experience is my midwifery review committee didn't look at my eporfolio because they said it was too time-consuming....a real shame to my mind

@carrie_at_umass said...

From your experience, what do you think would work better: a blog or a wiki?

Sarah Stewart said...

I use my blog for reflecting and then integrate those posts into my eportfolio. In the end I don't think it matters what platform you use as long as it meets your needs. Having said that, if I started from scratchy I might use Google Sites or soemthing I could upload documents into directly I said in my previous comment

Ο Φοβερός said...

I was wondering where to post a response to this (you got me thinking!) - so I opted to post on my ID blog -->