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March 31, 2010

ePortfolios 3

Ok, so after considering all my options and even looking at new-to-me tools like Posterous and Weebly, I decided to go with good ol' Google Sites for my ePortfolio.
So far I am having fun building it. Its definitely more functional than Epsilen. I am building pages to showcase all my social networks - LinkedIn, SlideShare, Google Reader, Delicious, YouTube, so far and there will be much much more. A hidden objective is to use it to land a part time teaching gig in the fall. Holler at me if you want a sneak peek!

Below, a table of options as requested by a reader. ((Scroll way down - sorry for the gap - I have tried tweaking the template CSS but can't seem to get the table to fall correctly in this post.))

Epsilen Blog Wiki
Text Fill in the boxes Posting Pages, with various layouts nad variety of design options for color, height& width
Images Yes; upload/insert standard formats Yes; upload/insert standard formats or embed from web Yes; upload/insert standard formats or embed from web
Attachments Yes; standard formats or via link to pre-pub No. Link to prepublished document; linking out to Google Docs works fine Yes; standard formats or link out to pre-pub docs
SlideShare Link to site Link out and/or embed Link out and/or embed
Video Link out and/or embed Link out and/or embed Link out and/or embed
Feedback Allowed for authorized users General blog comment tool with options Comments section can be toggeled on or off for each page; login may be needed to add comments (depends on platform and privacy settings)
User interface Traditional layout with traditional left nav Reverse chronological posting with comments. Modules/widgets depend on platform, template and layout options Nav based on posting date, or tags Functions like a website. Variety of nav options - top, left, right, bottom and combined. Customizable nav options, modules and widgets; tables of content can be added to any page for subpage nav.
Template Color options only Variety depends on platform and your knowledge of CSS and HTML Variety depends on platform and your knowledge of CSS and HTML
Layout No variations Single 2- or 3- column options. Variety depends on platform and your knowledge of CSS and HTML Variety depends on platform and your knowledge of CSS and HTML
Accessibility Open (Public) or access key required. Access key prompts for content sections Open (public) or private. Open (public), private (login required to view); or combined (read-only; login required to add comments)


Ray Tolley said...

Hi, Carrie,

Sounds good, you've obviously done a lot of work in investigating the different tools and understand many of the options that I've not tried.

What I would now like to hear is your analysis of the different approaches, particularly from an educational perspective. I note your reference to 'building' your e-Portfolio. Do you mean acutually structuring and organising from scratch or do you mean populating with links/content etc?

But most of all, I'm interested in how you visualise implementing your experience with school kids. What age groups do you expect to be teaching and how do you see involving schoolchildren in building their own e-Portfolios?

As a long-experienced teacher I feel that it is not our job to spend their time building their e-Portfolios but that they should have a tool already scaffolded, ie 'ready to go' so that they only need populate their e-Portfolios with their chosen artefacts.

I'd love to hear back from you, either through your blog or off-list at:

Ray T

@carrie_at_umass said...

Ray -
I added a table (above) which gives you and idea of what I wanted to add to my eportfolio and the factors which made me choose a wiki (Google Sites). One thing I didn't add was Acrobat Pro 9 - I didn't consider it very long as an option because I really wanted something built online, not an attachment or something residing in Adobe Buzzword.

I'm an instructional technologist at a medical school in the US. I don't have any plans to launch eportfolios with K-12 or college students. Perhaps the crosswalk (table) will be helpful to you or others who are considering implementing eportfolios with traditional students.

As far as how I built it, I used a basic template in Google Sites, chose a theme and then created my wiki landing pages (the intro materials). Then I created a new template which I called 'artifact', that included sections for content suggested by my grad sch program. For each item I wanted to share as a grade-able portfolio item, I used the artifact template.

I hope this helps. I'll send you the link via email so you can look at it.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Anne Marie said...

Where do I find your Slideshare presence? You need unhub:)

@carrie_at_umass said...

Anne Marie-
Twitter is down today this morning.

I use Google Profiles to link all my socmed profiles together. Never seen unhub. Do you use it? Like it? send me a link to your profile so I can see it in action. thanks for the lead a new thing to add to my socmed rolodex.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Carrie, I loved your portfolio which I think looks much better than wikispaces because there are no adverts. Here are a few comments and thoughts - most of them a case of "do what I say, not do what I do"

1. Would love to see a photo of you.

2. Love the comments section so you can have conversations with readers.

3. Love being able to look at your work such as assignments

4. Would like to see more reflection - why did you do things,. what did you learn, what skills did you develop, what did you achieve, how will you integrate your learning into your practice, where to from here...

Great work, Carrie...let us know how you go with it.