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January 02, 2010


On New Year's Eve, when someone asked me if I made any resolutions for 2010, I replied no, I am more of a five year plan kind of girl.
The five year plan I made at age 35 took less time to complete than I expected so here I am 2.5 years later needing to set some goals.
I have pretty much ruled out pursuing a doctorate. I simply cannot afford to do it. Not right now anyway, not in this economy with my husband out of work. I did get excited when I read about Harvard's new PhD program in education and my brain was happy to imagine me having a PhD from Harvard hanging on my wall. Imagine.

Although there have been some frustrating moments at work in recent months, it has not been unbearable. Am I getting itchy to do something new? Yes, I cannot deny that. Sometimes I feel like I am driving in the far left lane and people at work are in the middle and right lanes. I'm not driving crazy fast, but am moving a little faster than the pack. This happened at GJCC, too. I have the same feeling I had there about a year before I left that job for the university gig. I have no plan other than to be open to new opportunities.
The need for a salary increase may become more significant in the new year if no work options for spouse materialize when his unemployment runs out. Other than him I have so many friends and relatives who have been in dire straits for that last one or two years. There could be no better thing than to see a significant improvement in the job market this year. I would love to see my hub and many friends go back to work this year. What a sigh of relief it would be if the unemployment rate dropped significantly. Imagine.

Counting down the months until summer vacation at the beach. That 2nd week of June on the Cape has become an important touchstone for me, for us. I look forward to it a great deal. 6 months and 1 week from today we will be packing the truck and driving down to Pretty Penny, our little rental on the dunes, the sun sparkling on the heads of the little seals in the water as the waves move in and away from the beach. Imagine.

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