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December 23, 2009


I love Christmastime. I do. I love the lights and little Santas, gnomes and snowmen I put all over the house. I love setting up the tree and making new ornaments. I love settling in to watch Christmas movies on TV. I love sleeping, one night at least, on the couch by the tree like I did when I was a kid until my mom got me my own tree for my bedroom.

This year we're doing our Christmas Eve Open House. Last year was a lot of fun and I was surprised to have as many quests as we did. I hope we have a good turnout again. I fear the 'sophomore slump' may come into play for our 2nd go around with this new annual event. I keep trying to think of more people to invite as insurance that all the ziti & meatballs will be eaten. Then again, it would suck to walk into the living room, look around at people I either don't know or don't like, and have my first thought be, 'Who the hell invited you?'

I have decided to use vacation all next week so I can gave 11 days away from the office. I am even bringing back my work laptop today and will stow it away there so as to be too tempted to VPN in my work computer and chip away at things next week. I need the mental break. I need to read, to nap, to indulge in selfish little things like visit friends, play Scrabble, and go to movies. Oh, quite right. All the Oscar contenders are coming out now. Nice!

Merry merry Christmas to all of you in Blogland and my other social networks!