In the beginning there was grad school. That ended in 2010. Now what do I blog about?


March 27, 2009


I don't what happened. I was cruising along just fine and then WHAM! exhaustion set in and for the last two weeks I have been a zombie. Just completely drained, wiped out.

Trying to graduate with honors, I bust my ass on every assignment (except the last PPT assignment; I think PPT assignments are LAME). Stay up late working on the computer until 11 or 11:30, then try to sleep but end up thinking about school or work until 6am, then get up go to work and sit in front of a PC all day. Well, actually work has been busier than usual with meetings and consults. It comes and goes in waves. I have some decent summer projects lined up and the residency website redesign went well so I'm predicting other programs will want the same spit & polish job.

Shot an email to advisor this past week hoping for some guidance. Did get a point to the dean which is great. Shot her a note asking for guidance. She put me in contact with the director for the MEd - High Ed Student Affairs program. Will try to take a class or two from that program to get away from this K-12 stuff for a while.

The blog project at work is wrapping up. I took yesterday and today off to get some rest (slept 12 hours Wed night, 10 hours Thu night) and spent 5.5 hours compiling data for the project and sent it off to be coded by my colleagues. One of the MDs secured a poster presenation in April, so we have that bit covered. We plan on writing a paper and submitting for publication, too. Very cool. No plans for a new project yet, for next academic year. We did launch a wiki in the 3rd year clerkship but we didn't think to set it up as a research project. I added some analytics tools to the wiki to track usage; we'll see if we get anything worth looking at more closely. The other clerkships will be keen on the idea; perhaps there will be a chance for future collaboration there.

My husband has been laid off since January. His profession is struggling so there is just no work out there. We always hoped he could retire early - he is definitely happier and more relaxed not working - but not now, while I have a car payment and am in school. Whatever will be will be. We are cautiously optimistic that something comes up for him to do for a a few years. Adn of course that my job is stable. I have more marketable skills than he does so I think I could always find work. But I know he feels bad, that traditional man of the house mentality is so deeply embedded in our society.

Overall, things are good. I think some extra sleep this weekend will help me get through the next few months. We'll be off to our week on the Cape in June. Can not wait to read, nap and relax on the beach!!!!

March 07, 2009

use graphics to enhance not entrance

Yes, I am getting lazy with writing and have been embedding video to do the talking for me. Here's another one. I was actually at this event. I revisited this lecture today while involved in a debate over webquest design - information versus decoration in use of graphics.