In the beginning there was grad school. That ended in 2010. Now what do I blog about?


September 17, 2009

WOW! What a compliment!

First off, I have to just say I felt a shift with school this week. I spoke with both my project director for the history website graduate assistantship and the professor who will most likely mentor me for my directed studies. Woot! More on both those later...but now, for something completely different...

Janet Clarey, who is one of the best resources for tech in ed news and information, plus she is a fantastic webinar speaker and SlideShare'r, has nominated lil' ol' ME as a #Women2Follow on Twitter! No kidding! See, here's her actual Tweet from yesterday to prove it.

See? That's me - carrie_at_umass.

Is that cool or what??? I'm am honored, flattered and honestly, surprised that I caught and have held the attention of the great Miss Clarey!

Now, how can I leverage this little ego-windfall to boost my campaign to launch a SocMed initiative at work?