In the beginning there was grad school. That ended in 2010. Now what do I blog about?


August 22, 2009

Summer's end

Got an A in my summer course, but I had to work for it - the last four weeks were brutal. Homework until midnight most nights; homework all weekend, every weekend. But it's done. It's over. And I learned a lot about academic writing, which is immediately applicable in my profession.

Now I have to figure out how to handle this assistantship. My project director is lousy with returning emails and phone calls which is frustrating for me. Do I chalk it up to the fall semester not having started yet or do I assume that this is how he is and this is how it will be going forward? I have not completed paperwork for the job so I could wiggle out if I needed to. But I am doing it for the tuition assistance (husband is still unemployed) and I don't want to drop that financial support. For now, I am going forward as planned and hope things work out during the fall. If I need to drop it for spring, I can do that.

I have an appointment with my advisor next week to go over plans to finish up and graduate. Let's hope he brings my file with him so he can be more helpful than he was last time. I need to swap out another course this term because what I need is not offered and what is on my requirements list and is offered I have no use for. I feel another dance to the dean's office for signatures may be required.