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July 20, 2009


ACK! Summer courses! I just got a B- on an assignment. ME! a B-??? hurts. Will write more after I stop crying....

Later.... I'm really struggling right now, trying to keep everything balanced. Work has been crazy insane lately. My husband is out of work and very bored/lonely so when I'm home, he wants my attention to talk and spend time together; which is great, but I feel guilty brushing him off because of homework or work commitments.

The past few months have felt unsettled - but in a good way. Like things are going to change, that there will be a shift somewhere, I think with my work. I feel fairly confident as far as job security goes so that's not it. They are moving my office but that doesn't seem like it either. So I don't know what's coming but I feel that something definitely is.

I have been offered a graduate assistantship for the coming academic year. I need to get a handle on my routine so I can do that, too, while I finish up my program. Its a lot, as I mentioned in a previous journal entry, but I know I'm up to it. Whatever this is that I feel is looming on the horizon I hope is a good thing and will help me and not be something difficult or draining.

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