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January 19, 2009

Happy New Year, happy new semester

The syllabi for my spring classes have been posted. One course looks very well organized - the prof uses Blackboard well. Her documents are well written and she has included an audio component so we can hear her voice. She conveys a decent sense of humor and she spelled out her expectations clearly. She has provided a great deal of introductory material on several levels - for the less internet savvy to those of us who have a great deal more experience - which covers her personal teaching preferences and methods along with links to information about those methods (constructivism, UDL). I am excited about working with this professor; I believe I can learn a lot from her.

My husband got laid off last week. Not a good way to start the new year. Upon hearing the news my brain automatically goes into overdrive - making mental lists of what I need to do to ensure we stay afloat financially, calculating our savings and projecting the number of mortgage payments we can make before the shit hits the fan, determining how I can fit in free lance work between my regular job and grad school. I found a contract job available for an instructional designer in Boston; I submitted an application for it. I have been asked to build a website for a local psychiatrist, so I'll have to follow up on that. And the local night-time adult education program is accepting proposals for classes so I might put together something there.

I'm in crisis prevention mode. I hope it doesn't exhaust me. I will have to take care to ensure I include some fun time, down time and family time so I don't become lost trying to save us. Of course, there is a chance too that he will find work in his field, even though the economy is so horrible. Here's to hope!

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tim said...

sorry to hear about the layoff. that sucks. i've been through it twice, and it's so stressful. good luck, and keep up the positive thinking.