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November 06, 2008

Continuing saga in continuing ed

Recent developments in the class without a teacher. This after I emailed the class telling them I called the program director to voice a complaint:
I can't afford to have this course called into question; I need to finish my program on schedule.
Considering the circumstances, I think [name of school] should not only just give us program credit for this class, but a free class as well.
I'm much more focused on finishing up my coursework and receiving my degree on time than I am in achieving any benefits from this specific class.
I can't afford to retake this class. I don't have the time or the money. I am trying to get thorugh this program as quickly as possible and I am very close to the end of my program (2 classes left).
I can't afford to have this class questioned either. I don't have the time to retake it, nor the money. My feeling is if they give us a new professor this close to the end that person is going to pile on the work and we will all be over our heads, and we will be over our heads because we have done nothing this semester.

My reply:
I'm not surprised to hear that at least 50% of the class doesn't care about learning something in this class, but that makes it no less disappointing to read your replies. We are all in the business of teaching and learning, which makes it all the more difficult to digest your comments.