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December 03, 2008

I don't want to be that student

I don't want to be a student who is in it only for the diploma/certificate/possible pay raise upon graduation. But with all the CRAP I have been dealing with this semester with poorly organized classes or no classes due to no professor, and then yesterday having met with my advisor who was 45 minutes late because he didn't pay attention to details in his email...well, it just puts me closer to being one of those student checking off the credits and counting down the days.

I am in it to learn. To develop skills. To grow. To become better than I was. In order to do that I must be challenged and taught and paid attention to. Last night, when my advisor finally came to the room he told me to meet him in, he was completely unprepared. He couldn't remember what classes I had already taken or what classes I needed or what classes WE decided I would take when I spoke to him on the phone last month. Geesh! While waiting for me in the wrong room, why didn't he crack open my file (if he keeps a file on his advisees...) and remind himself what's going on with this one student, who he ought to remember, has to travel 180 miles, round trip, for a meeting with him on campus.

My expectations are not too high. I expect professionalism and I expect to be able to rely on my advisor and the school. Silly me.

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