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December 29, 2008

ahhhh...winter break

Its the last week of December. I am enjoying the first of 4 vacation days. I went to the bank to pay the mortgage, stopped to fuel up the Subaru, came home & started laundry and am now catching up on web surfing. The rest of my to-do list includes cleaning out a closet full of unworn old clothes and hauling away branches that fell during the ice storm.

Not having heard from my prof or academic advisor in over a week, I surfed on over to the school website and logged in to see if grades had been posted. I got an A in both classes. Did I earn As in both classes? I don't know. Grading is subjective, isn't it? Prof's grade differently based on the course content, their expectations, overall performance of the class as a group, and individual contributions. I will be a tough grader. I must try to keep my expectations reasonable.

Christmas was fantastic this year. LB and I had an open house on Christmas Eve and a lot of the local rock people came over. At one point we had about 18 people partying with us; otherwise we had 8-10 at any given moment between 3pm and 11pm. It was great fun. Now that the kids are grown and the family dynamic has shifted, we can do this sort of thing. Its quite nice! Christmas Day was tame - thankfully - we went to my brother's house at 1 and left before 5pm, then went to the Malone's and had some laughs until midnight, when we wished Heidi a happy birthday and then headed home. The last Christmas activity was Dan & Gail's annual broo-ha-ha on Saturday. Unusually crowded and unusually rockin' this year. I had a really good time. Overall - the best Christmas I can remember.

Spring classes begin in late January so I have a few weeks to relax, do some knitting and make a dent in the pile of novels I have been collecting to read.

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