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October 29, 2008

to learn or not to learn

a class email circulating today:

"I haven't seen any new discussions, posts or assignments since the one due on Oct. 18th.
note: the assignment due on the 18th was assigned in Sept. nothing happened between the assignment being released and the due date, so technically, there has been no class activity since mid-Sept.
"Something must be going on with the prof. I certainly hope it is nothing tragic.
"I have also been concerned with missing out but I am trying to see the glass half full and enjoy the extra light workload.
"I've been checking most every day and haven't heard anything either - but hey, I couldn't be happier!
Happy to NOT learn anything? Happy to pay tuition for a class that doesn't have a teacher? 'Extra-light work load'?

Good God.....I am extremely disappointed this semester. This class has nothing happening and the other one I am in is entry-level software apps which is not challenging me at all. Ugh.

What really gets me is that so many people think online programs are diploma-mills and up until now I have been happy to report that I have learned a great deal, have been challenged, and could say with conviction that online learning is intensive. Now I worry that the first three classes were a fluke. What if my next term is like this one and not like last spring and summer? I hate to speculate but I really don't want to waste my time and money. I would consider a transfer.

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