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October 20, 2008

Fall semester

I am sooooo bored this semester. There aren't any weekly assignments, no required reading, no required discussions, no class interaction all, and one of my instructors fails to answer my emails. ugh. It is painful to think of the money I am spending and the time I am investing in comparison to what I am learning, which is nothing.

The basic rules of teaching an online course are these:
  1. Course design:
    1. include goals and objectives not only in the syllabus but in each section of the course and include specific goals associated with an assignment.
    2. provide dynamic course content with links to readings, audio, video and sample work
    3. provide alternative options for self-guided learning - no two people click int he same pattern; make sure all learners can easily access information
  2. Course content:
    1. provide the same information you would in a love session: a presentation, questions & answer time, small group work, open discussion, team projects, individual homework
    2. remember the principles of engaging and educating: MOTIVATE your learners - spark their interest in the topic; INFORM your learners: teach them something; give students opportunities to APPLY new knowledge; and TRANSFORM their learning into new ideas and develop new concepts.
  3. Assessment:
    1. provide assignments which allow students to demonstrate their learning
    2. provide detailed commentary on student work which encourages reflection and further learning
If my fall semester instructors are reading this: GOOD! Read it!

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