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October 28, 2008


For my program, I am required to create a portfolio for review prior to graduation. If you recall, dear reader, my final two choices for grad school were one with 80/20 online/F2F learning + eportfolio and a 100% online course with traditional portfolio. I chose the 100% online course with the plan of making an online portfolio, hoping they would accept it and if not, would spend a day printing doc's and making a binder cover.

After 3 complete courses I have material to put into my eportfolio so it was time to begin building. I looked at several free eportfolio tools - RCampus and Epsilen. Both tools are free web-based eportfolios. Both tools offer security features so you can set up accounts for your advisor and professors to view selected components. Both allow for file upload and management. Both have email and calendar/scheduling tools. They are capable of handling multimedia.

I chose RCampus and began building. But after the first day, I didn't like the tools for building - they were clumsy and annoying to work with. There is no way to disable the tool tips, so the build screen is cluttered. I gave it a second try but still felt underwhelmed by the lackluster building experience. So I decided to try Epsilen. I am more happy with Epsilen's build tools and the overall look and feel of the portfolio is good. So far.

The next step is to grant access to my advisor and see if he likes it. When I meet with him in December, when I sign up for spring term courses, I'll talk to him about it.

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