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September 16, 2008

temporary online obsessions

1) Lipstick Jungle. Thanks to internet television and the networks being ever-so generous with their offerings, I can watch back-to-back-to-back episodes of whatever crap grabs my attention. This week it's Brooke Shields' fem-drama Lipstick Jungle. The sudden whirlwind romance for 'Victory' is so so so silly. Brooke's marital troubles are predictable, but the addition of Lorraine Bracco as her arch enemy is fun; if Bracco can make Tony Soprano cry, think what mentalness she can inflict on Miss Shields! The Nico's (stupid name) hot & sexy fling with a guy named 'Kirby' (another stupid name, but he has great abs) makes this trash-TV, much like Desperate Housewives, so don't look for intellectual fare here. Its pure entertainment; no brain power required.

2) MySpace and Facebook. Although I have had a LinkedIn account for quite awhile, I am the last of our circles of friends to succumb to the lure of social networking on the two most popular sites in the universe. Facebook is more 'real'. Its clean, simple and unobtrusive. MySpace is so Yo!Yo!Yo! and flashy and unreal. For the first week I was totally hooked on both FB and MS, logging into both while watching TV with hubby, anxiously waiting for a 'friend' to come on line, looking forward to seeing what someone might post on my 'wall. I admit the excitement waned quickly and I'm not on all the time now, but I am still curious to see what happens now that I am out there. What ghosts will show up? What skeletons will emerge?

3) The Stock Market. I am making myself miserable by watching my IRAs and 403(b)s plummet. I don't know enough to make hardcore stock market gambles. I know some people get rich during recessions. That won't be me. I just want my accounts to stop giving me updates in (-negative) numbers. It's killing me. I need to stop watching. It's going to continue to slide and then, after we elect a democrat into office, things will turn around. If I work my math skills - which are horrible - I can make it seem like the amount I am losing isn't more than what I would be paying in taxes if I took it off the market.

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