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June 29, 2008


I feel weird about my job right now. I love what I am doing, I look forward to what I want to do. Why do I still troll job postings? Compensation. Its true. I want money. More money, I should say.

I have never been one to lust for material objects. I live contently without HDTV and plasma screens and PlayStations. I drive a modest car and wear modest clothing. I don't go out to sparkly dinners at fancy restaurants. Its not really about the Benjamins. Its about compensation - recognition for what I contribute to the department. So what do I do?

I consulted with a couple of friends and went over my dilemma - to rock the boat or not is the question. And if so, how. I have never been assertive for myself. Argue for better equipment or software for the department? Absolutely- fight for it I will. But for money for myself? Never done it. Don't know how.

I need to learn how to be assertive and do it properly and successfully, so I don't grow irritable and unhappy with my employer. If I could hire an agent to represent me and present my case to the department chair, I would, to safe myself the sleepless nights, anxiety and pressure that will surely being to build as I psych myself up for a confrontation.

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