In the beginning there was grad school. That ended in 2010. Now what do I blog about?


June 29, 2008


I feel weird about my job right now. I love what I am doing, I look forward to what I want to do. Why do I still troll job postings? Compensation. Its true. I want money. More money, I should say.

I have never been one to lust for material objects. I live contently without HDTV and plasma screens and PlayStations. I drive a modest car and wear modest clothing. I don't go out to sparkly dinners at fancy restaurants. Its not really about the Benjamins. Its about compensation - recognition for what I contribute to the department. So what do I do?

I consulted with a couple of friends and went over my dilemma - to rock the boat or not is the question. And if so, how. I have never been assertive for myself. Argue for better equipment or software for the department? Absolutely- fight for it I will. But for money for myself? Never done it. Don't know how.

I need to learn how to be assertive and do it properly and successfully, so I don't grow irritable and unhappy with my employer. If I could hire an agent to represent me and present my case to the department chair, I would, to safe myself the sleepless nights, anxiety and pressure that will surely being to build as I psych myself up for a confrontation.

June 03, 2008

ch-ch-ch-changes & chipmunks

School's out and my new work schedule has begun. I asked for the option of working from home one day a week, to cut down on commute time, fuel costs and related frustrations of driving through that wretched city twice each day. My wish was granted so now, each Tuesday, I can enjoy working in a t-shirt & shorts, in stocking feet, at home. Ahhhhh...

One semester into grad school and my mind is already wandering to the next phase of my professional life. I have been trolling the job boards, at work and in the general public, to find out what is out there and what it is paying. Ideally, yes, keeping my state job would be wise, but I would be foolish to neglect exploration of all opportunities. I have only 3 years in now and will have 5 by the time I have earned my master's and that's not exactly enough to warrant a full commitment to the state. I will thought keep state colleges and universities at the top of my list. And I'm just looking, anyway....

The home improvement saga continues with foundation repairs. Bill and Brett spend the day mixing cement and pointing the field stone foundation of our 80+ year old home. Last week they dug up the old apron, yesterday they had a truck up to pour concrete. Today was finish work.

While making dinner one night, Brett regaled us with tales of his work crew (city folk!) being spooked not only by the nest of snakes they uncovered while pulvarizing the cement stairs but also the den of a fifty chimpmunks they unearthed out front. Little bastards, those chipmunks. It has been they and the little red squirrels who have been pulling stone from our foundation over the last forty years, ruining the mortar and creating pathways for flooding. Evil. I can imagine the collective ire of the den of chipmunks when the backhoe removed the sod roof of their den and their daily respite interrupted with a diesel fueled eviction notice. Au revouir, mes chipmunks.