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May 11, 2008

homework-free weekend

I just got my grades - A in both classes. woo-hoo!

My summer course begins July 7th. That gives me two full months to relax and unwind. I got a call from a woman who wants to hire me to build a website for her production company. I have a meeting with here this week. Depending on what she is willing to pay and how much work it will take , I may or may not take the job. I am looking forward to some time off before the next wave of courses starts. Now that I know how much work grad school requires, I will keep my extra commitments light. even book group was tough during the semester. More than once I scrambled to find time to read the selection. But the night out with the ladies was worth it each time so I will keep book group on my agenda.

This is my first homework-free weekend. I decided to clean my home office. I moved everything except the desk and bookcase. Once the room was empty I decided I hated the McDonaldland colored paint on the walls. So I jumped in the car and drove to Aubuchon Hardware and picked up a gallon of antique white latex.

My husband cautioned I should prime the orange trim, but I was too eager to get rid of it and the yellow walls. I just dove right in to painting. By 6 o'clock, the trim was done - window, doors and baseboard - plus the corners were cut in on the walls.

This morning I woke at 7, but stayed in bed until 7:30, listening to the birds chirping and church traffic driving by outside. I put a pot of coffee on to brew and went to look at my room. The trim definitely needed a second coat and the corners I'd cut were revealing a hint of the gold beneath. I hoped I wouldn't need to get a 2nd gallon of paint.

After checking my email and nursing a few cups of java (and cleaning up cat vomit; poor kitty is sick) I got back to painting. I rolled out the walls with a generous amount of paint, hoping to deter the need for a second coat. I assessed what was left in the can - not much- and began brushing a light coat onto the trim to fill in what little orange was showing. Husband woke and came down and since he is much taller than me, pointed out a few spots above the window and doors which needed a hit of paint.

All in all the project was good one for my first homework-free weekend. My office is brighter and seems bigger with the white paint. It was too chilly to work outside yesterday but the sun is bright and warm today. Since it is barely noon and I am done painting, I will shower, change and go sit out for awhile to enjoy the rest of my day.

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