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May 04, 2008

2 down, 10 to go

My first semester is over. My first two classes are done. My first 6 credits are earned.
I am spent.

It was a lot more work than I expected - more time needed for reading and writing assignments. I am happy to have been challenged and I learned as much as I had hoped. The courses were slightly unbalanced - one being considerably better than the other - but overall it was a good first term.

It was difficult, as I feared, to be a student in an online course when what I do 75% of the time at work is make sure online courses look good, function well and have dynamic qualities to engage the learner. The course environment for my first term was boring. I didn't pick up any new ideas at all. This was disappointing since one fo the classes was called 'Technology in the 21st century classroom'. The online environment IS part of the 21st century classroom and I feel we should have explored that topic.

It was also a little weird, as I expected, to be in classes with K-12 teachers. I wish I had at least one adult educator in the course to chat with. And in the Theories course, the assignments were all based on K-12 learning requirements so I had a disadvantage. But I did well and am satisfied with what I am taking away.

I now have 6 weeks off before my summer class begins. I am looking forward to a full week on the Cape with my husband, and getting some work done in the yard at home.

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