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February 23, 2008

Procrastination, at its finest

I wake up with this ridiculous leg pain I have had for the past few weeks. I am annoyed with this unidentifiable discomfort and also annoyed to be wide awake at 7:30 on a Saturday.

I get up, wash up, and head down to the kitchen. After some stretches and deep knees bends to relieve the leg pain, I turn on the TV, start coffee and take out the knitting project I began last night.

I watch the news and an hour of home improvement shows, knowing full well that hours of homework await me and it would be in my best interest to begin before husband awakens.

Husband comes down. We have breakfast and chat. We gauge how long we think it'll take to plow the driveway and shovel the walkways. We check the weather for signs of additional snowfall.

We decide there is no need to head outside until lunchtime. I pull out my computer.

After checking email, deleting spam, reading the news headlines and washing the dishes, there is nothing left to do but start homework. Right? No, how about I look for ways to cut back on our monthly cable TV bill. Yeah...that'll kill 45 minutes...

I have a severe case of procrastination, brought by an unexpected bout of lethargy which was a side affect of having the flu for a week. 10 days ago I stayed home from work due to head cold. By the end of that day, I had a fever. The next day, sore throat and sinusitis. I was able to do a little work, thanks to a webcam and video conference technology along with VPN access to my workplace PC.

What I didn't get done was home work. I logged in for ten or fifteen minutes a day, to stay on top of discussion board postings and that was it.

So here it is the weekend, and although my head is still stuffy, I am feeling better and wanting to go out & about but I have 2 weeks worth of homework to do. Ugh. And no motivation to do it.

Ok, So I grab my notebook and pen and login to my courses. I check one course - list my assignments due and scan the discussion boards. I check another course - my internet freezes up. I Check Mozilla and its working fine. But I have to run a virus scan and make sure there isn't anything wrong.....stupid Microsoft....

13 tracking cookies detected by Ad-Aware and a cache of issues detected by SpyBot. I cleaned up my PC and knitted a row on my scarf.

This scarf is a new project and I am very pleased with how it looks and feels - tres shabby chic. Last night, because book club was canceled due to weather, I sat and knotted together all the purple and pink scrap yarn I have collected over the past year. Most of it is soft acrylic, but added in several yards of multi-colored cotton yarn and one long piece of blood red wool blend.
I began knitting on a 30mm long circular needle, size 9. I cast on 320 stitches and began knitting. I haven't been tracking my knit and purl rows, so it has an uneven vertical ribbing along with the varied vertical stripes. The effect is beautiful. I also threaded 10 purple buttons of various sizes/shapes and added those in on one row. I'll do it again, maybe 3 or 4 times, to add some interest. I have quite a bit of green scraps, too, so I may do a green version after this one is complete.

Now....I am going look at homework....

I wonder if the reason I am procrastinating so much with homework this week is because assignments for both courses require me to create lesson plans for K-12 students. I do not work in a K-12 environment.

Both courses are focusing on teaching for all student abilities. My technology course homework is to build a UDL ( lesson plan.

My theories course assignment is build an MI ( lesson plan.

I would argue that it is impossible to teach in these manners more than 60% of the time. Maybe 80% for some courses. I argue:
How do you teach a blind student the color wheel in art class?
How do you create an MI specific lesson in math for a naturalist intelligence?
How much time should a teacher invest in lesson planning to create these all inclusive learning opportunities?

Inclusion in classrooms is fine. Its great. But its not always appropriate or effective. Yes, technology provides almost endless possibilities to teach to disabled students. Without a doubt, screen readers, a keyboard and a mouse break down barriers to learning. But teaching with technology and teaching without to he rest of class seems like a lot to ask of a teacher. Isn't this why they used to have 'special schools'? To make the most of specialists and specialized resources?

Sensitivity to individual personalities and interests is fabulous - but to tailor lessons to each MI for each lesson is unnecessary. It is more reasonable to plan a week's worth of lesson plans to include something for everyone. I have been trying to build this lesson plan and find it ridiculous to have to add in a special project in which 'naturalist's' can track the weight of recycled paper so that I don't exclude their natural intelligence in my math lesson. Couldn't' I just say that the math relay race I designed for the athletics will be played outdoors?

After drafting my UDL lesson plan, to teach addition & subtraction to blind and deaf students, I need a break and am going out to shovel snow.

I just submitted my overdue UDL assignment. Thank God for rubrics. I was able to edit the draft and then re-write to meet the rubric for this assignment. I hope I met the intermediate level. It was very challenging for me to do this. I felt irritable while doing this assignment and would rather have not had to do it. This is very close to what I expected the course work would be considering the program is geared toward K-12 learners. I much prefer the theories of learning, discussing school systems and types of learners and possibilities for change. Writing lesson plans is not fun for me.

I have assignments in theories to look at, now. One I already began, I just need to tweak it. The other I haven't even read yet....

Ouch. Completing that gave me a headache. I need to take a break. Honestly, I need a nap.

I didn't take a nap, but I did get sucked into watching TV and knitting, having a light dinner and doing dishes. Now I am doing my reading assignment, on which I have to write at least a single page reflection on the information.

Completed the overdue theories assignment and submitted it. Did my reading and one of the two written assignments due Monday. I have an outline for the 2nd assignment, which I will finish tomorrow.

I am exhausted. Still recovering from the flu? Tired from shoveling? From putting so much energy into procrastination? Who knows.

But I am now focused on the work. Having completed the over due work and made some headway into the newer stuff makes me feel better, less anxious and more ready to get back into the routine.

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