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January 14, 2008

The Story Begins

Today is my First Official Day of Graduate School. It has been a struggle to get to this day as the Gods of Education have seen to making the Road to Career Advancement difficult and treacherous. But here I am, victorious in my Quest for Enrollment.

The God of Administrative Bullshit was the first to demonstrate his power. With his Roll of Red-Tape in one mighty hand and the Irony of Murphy's Law in the other, he blindsided me as I merrily tripped my way to Sir Registrar with signed documents from my lord, the Earl of Employment. You see, in my village, anyone who wishes to attend school is granted a reduction in tuition. This is a great benefit and one which should be pursued at all costs. Once I was accepted into the program of my choice, I declared to my lord my intentions and he gladly made his signature on documents allowing a tuition reduction. The only condition of this arrangement is that the documents must be hand delivered to Sir Registrar at the school of choice. A journey, for sure, but one I expect to make just once per semester.

Documents in hand, I jumped into my trusty Subaru and made way to the North Shore. A tiring two and three quarter hour journey, but I was happy to wind my way between buildings toward Sir Registrar's Office. There I presented my Class Enrollment Forms, my identification, and the precious signed documents as described above.

Well, here is where the God of Administrative Bullshit stepped in.

'Oh, no!' he bellowed.' You cannot take this class! It is not for you! You are not in the right program for this class!'

'But I was told by my Advisor that these were two classes required for my degree!' I whined pitifully, the weariness of the journey catching up with me.

'Well, then, take it up with your Advisor!' he replied harshly. 'And come back when you have this sorted out.'

Come back? Come back? It was a half days journey to get there and back! And would I have to revisit the Earl of Employment to acquire new documents? And for what other class? Oh, I drove home disheartened.

The following day, I retold my story in a long email to my Advisor. He went, soon after, to meet with the Dean of Education, who declared that I could go ahead and take the course I was denied and I could register over the telephone. When my Advisor related this to me, my heart grew light again and I soon began to smile and look forward to today, this day, this First Official Day of Graduate School.

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